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An "Inside Source" says Bioshock will be coming to the PS3

GamePro is reporting that an "inside source" has let them know BioShock is headed to the PS3. "Our contact informed us that we'd be wrong to think the game wouldn't be released on Sony's console at a later date," stated the posting on GamePro.com. The GamePro info came after some source code (config.ini log file) in the BioShock PC demo mentioned two consoles: "XBox360, PS3." Could BioShock be a timed exclusive?

The image below, taken from the retail Xbox 360 BioShock Limited Edition packshot (also on the standard edition) says otherwise, with the "exclusivity stamp" saying "Only On Xbox 360 And Windows."Where once the stamp was thought to be Microsoft's definitive signature that a game would not be released on another platform, it hasn't always been the case. As Gears of War packaging had the "Only on Xbox 360" stamp, we obviously now know that it has gone to the PC side as well. I can't recall of that stamp being used on a game where it didn't appear on another platform besides Microsoft, however. If you know of one, let us know!

From Gamepro.com and psu.com.


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